Manage your documents and applications with ease !
For Windows 10, 8, 7 & Vista.
Also works as a Start Menu replacement for Windows 10.

AllProgs is an application manager, just like the traditional Welcome screen of Windows 10 or the Start menu.

Just press the Alternate graphic key once and AllProgs appears. Press again the same key and it disappears.

AllProgs let you run your installed applications and your documents, just like the traditional Start Menu, but in a more straight way.

Different areas also present the recent and favorite applications & documents.

What is AllProgs ?

AllProgs manages the installed applications, just as the Windows' Star menu, but in the form of a window and not a menu.
It can be seen as a Windows 8 Start menu addition, but works with other versions of Windows (I test it regularly under Windows Vista and Windows 7).

It displays information in two columns:  

And you can filter your applications & documents by entering a name. That helps you to search something by part of its name.
The filter accepts jokers ( ? and * ) also.

On the upper screen shot, you can see the documents on the left, and the applications on the right.
In the installed applications list, the Accessories branch is expanded to the right, showing the System tools.
The document explorer is not implemented yet, so it is empty for now.

Once AllProgs has been started, you can show or hide its window by hitting the AltGr key once. Just as easy as showing or hiding the ordinary Start menu (under Windows 7 and sooner) or the launch menu (under Windows 8 and later) with the Windows key !

Why did I make this application since Windows already has the Start menu ?

The first reason is I have never been very happy with the Windows' Start menu, since Windows 95.
Mainly because it is a menu: if you click a few pixels out, it disappears, when you open an application, the whole menu disappears, when you open a recent document, it disappears and you have to open it again and scroll a long list to find the next document, etc...
This menu behaviour is annoying. So I wanted to make a real software that manages the applications, as a real window and not as a menu.

The second reason is the preliminary version of Windows 8 (the Preview version of 2011), which had no Start menu at all, replaced by this abominable and over-simplified welcome scrolling toy acting as an application launcher.

This launcher is absolutely not adapted to the desktop computers, it is a  pure joke on them. Why ? Because it does not display all the shortcuts of the installed applications, because it is not sorted hierarchically (I sort my applications when I install them so they are a lot easier to be found later) and because it takes a lot of time to find an application with it. A desktop computer is definitively not a phone !

My answer is an application manager, completely adapted to the desktop computers.

A few features will be added from time to time, and this software updates automatically.

Enjoy it !




Give it a try, it does not cost anything.  :)