Manage your documents and applications with ease !
For Windows 10, 8, 7.

Release notes

From the version 4.46.2018.05, the version numbering is <main version>.<Release#>.<year>.<2-digits month>
Before the version, the version numbering was <year-2000>.<month>.<API_version>.<Release#>
Dates are expressed according to the ISO time.

2018-07-01 version 4.46.2018.07

  • Hash code (SHA-256): D157DB4EBE5FA95243E29FEC710A1C18FB91F265A44234EE792D74A9B100420C
  • Modified: The web site now is
  • Added: a new button lets close the application in one click.
  • Added: the application can be translated. With export and import buttons.
  • Added: translation in French.
  • New version numbering : <main version>.<Release#>.<year>.<2-digits month>
  • Improved: a new installer:
    • The installation path is static now: %localappdata%\AllProgs
    • Updates do not create subdirectories anymore.
      That lets you create file shortcuts. And that helps the security tools.
  • Improved: the errors log displays as a table, and it can be saved as an Excel XML document.
  • Modified: .NET 4.5 is required now.
  • Fixed: incompatibilities with Windows 10.
  • Removed: support to old versions of Windows. You need Windows Vista or later.

2014-09-27 version

  • Installer has been repackaged, due to false positive detection in some anti-virus software.

2014-09-01 version

  • Corrected: Does not block indefinitely recent documents (while extracting their icon).

2014-06-14 version

  • Modified: The web site now is "".
  • Modified: No more fixed half-screen window size. Now your favorite window size is memorized.
  • Improved: System directories' and files' name are now translated correctly, in Applications / Installed.
  • Improved: Installed applications list is now updated on software installation/uninstallation.
  • Improved: Find more, and more adequate, icons.
  • Improved: Non-existent recent docs are not displayed anymore.

2012-12-13 version

  • New: buttons to read the Revisions and the License texts.
  • Improved: Now the installed application list updates on installation/uninstallation.
  • Improved: you can modify the filter text at any time, even if another control is selected.
  • Improved: Some graphics.
  • Fixed: you can add a directory to your favorite documents from the File Explorer.

2012-10-31 version

  • New: An internal errors log, in order to send me debug information.
    The log can be saved.
  • Fixed: Version is displayed again.

2012-10-15 version

  • New: A Favorite section for both documents and applications.
  • Modified: Documents and Applications are now clearly separated in two distinct columns.
  • Improved: error display.
  • Improved: file Hint tells its complete path.

2012-10-06 version

  • Improved: The file filter is more fluent.
  • Added: Date of the software's executable, in the Option panel.
  • Added: F1 key will lead to the software's web site.

2012-10-05 version

  • New: A file filter is added.

2012-09-07 version

  • Fixed: automatic start.
  • Fixed: recent doc list.

2012-07-09 version

  • Improvement: After an update, AllProgs will restart the new version.

2012-07-09 version

  • Fixed: avoid reinstallation after an update.

2012-07-08 version

  • Improvement: In the Recent documents list, the icons are now simplified in order to not lock the doc files during file downloads.
  • Improvement: The automatic startup option is improved. Now we can update the application in that context also.
  • New: Added this Revisions text file.

2012-06-26 version

Initial public & preliminary version.