I offer my services as an experienced independent software developer:
Software design
Software development

Consulting, expertise cannot be overlooked

With twenty years of experience as a designer, developer, initiator of projects, I will be happy to steer you in your computer choices.

Strategic decisions

At the beginning of any major computer project, one is led to make choices that are heavy consequences and can make the difference between success and failure.

Out, in computer science, the palette of choice extends every day, and becomes more complex still more.

  • What form of communication or application?
    Dynamic Website, software ?
  • What execution platform ?
    Windows, Mac, Android, Linux.. on what kind of hardware (computer, tablet, phone, embedded) ?
  • What programming platform ?
    .NET, Java, Mono, HTML ?

And many other strategic issues arise.

Why not enjoy an analysis explaining the scope of your potential choices ?

Software design

Before any development, a software has to be well-thought.
Who are the users ? What are their needs, their knowledge, their practices, their behavior ?
How may evolve this software/solution ?

Software development

An application, or any piece of software can be made from many programming languages and frameworks.
In my case, I program on C# and .NET.


I can translate/localize your software, from English to French.
You will find more information here.