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AllProgs - Official installation & download page

Welcome to the new official download page of AllProgs.
For more information, please visit the presentation of the software, or the introduction in my blog.



DOWNLOAD the installer


File name: AllProgs_Installer_4.46.2018.07.exe

After having downloaded it, you may check the secure hash code (SHA-256):

The installation does not require administrative rights.

No advert, no third-party software, no personal data collection. More details here.

Alternative download sites

If for any reason you can not download the software from this page, you will find the installer on these external web sites:

  • Regularly updated sites:
    (They usually host the latest version of the software)
  • Irregularly updated sites:
    (The file they host can be outdated)


I guarantee this software is totally sure and preserves the user's privacy.

  • I checked it against virus or malicious infection using both anti-virus software and the VirusTotal website (a very useful website about security).
  • This software does not contain advertisement.
  • It does not collect personal data.
    In fact, it does not send anything to the network (including the Internet).
  • The installer only installs the main software, nothing else, no other products.
  • It does not modify the operating system except by adding a shortcut to the Welcome and Start menus.
    It does not add anything to the register base except the uninstallation information.
  • You can set up the software (in its Settings panel) to start automatically at system start, it is up to you.
    By default, this option is unchecked.

If your security tool detects something strange, there are two possibilities:

  1. Most probably, it is a false-positive.
    Modern security scanners are extremely cautious. They often see problems where there is nothing.
    Please inform me so I can contact the security software editor.
  2. A file can have been infected directly on your computer.
    Even the installer can be infected right after its downloading, if a malware was running in your computer first.
    That is why I give the secure hash code (SHA-256). That lets you ensure the file remains unmodified.

If you have a doubt, I suggest you to download the installer again, check its integrity using the hash code, then open it so it will replace the files of the previous installation.

Please note the executable files in the installation directory should have the same software signature than the signature of the installer.
You can check that by displaying the properties of these files then open the Digital signature tab.


If you are a website owner and you want to distribute this software, please do not link it directly.
Whether link to the present HTML page or host the Exe installer on your site. Please read the license text file it contains.
You can not modify any file, including the Exe installer itself. And you can not pack the files into a new file, or repack it.

Descriptive PAD file

The PAD file is a descriptive text file that helps distribution websites.
The official PAD, that is regularly updated is here.