Designer and developer of software


After twenty years of experience as a designer, developer, initiator of projects, I will be happy to steer you in your computer choices.


Application design

AllProgs is an example where I created a variant of the Windows Start menu, but based on real scrolling areas and not on the concept of drop-down menus.

This software also represents some graphic work and research in ergonomics.


Complete development

In UniversalSerializer, a data serialization library, I chose to not integrate external libraries, open-source or proprietary, and therefore to develop all the features in the same product.


Techniques used

  • C# (.NET)
  • WPF (graphic interface for desktop computers)

More some other techniques, occasionally:

  • Xamarin/Mono on Android and Linux.
  • C and C++ (practiced during fithteen years).
  • inversion of control, dependency injection
  • HTML (as this site, created with Microsoft Expression Web, without any CMS or existing model)
  • Graphics: drawing and processing (see the logo of the project Access to the World)