Software designer and developer

Research and development

My main activity is the design and the development of software.
They can be complete applications, modules, tools or any kind of software.

My domains are:

  • Study and research.
  • The user interface ergonomy.
  • The artificial intelligence.
  • The optimization.

I guarantee the confidentiality of your projects.

Please note I do not do Web development.


After twenty years of experience as a designer, developer, initiator of projects, I will be happy to steer you in your computer choices.

Some examples

I published some products that can give a good idea of my work.

Specialized module

In UniversalSerializer, a data serialization library, I chose not to integrate external open-source or proprietary libraries, and therefore to develop all the features in the same product.

This is a very portable library that runs on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, iOS, Android and .NET Core.

Application design

AllProgs is an example where I created a variant of the Windows Start menu, but based on real scrolling areas and not on the concept of drop-down menus.

This software also represents some graphic work and research in ergonomics.

Main techniques

  • C# (.NET)
  • WPF (graphic interface for desktop computers)
  • Artificial intelligence
    (optimization, prediction)

More some other techniques, occasionally:

  • Xamarin/Mono on Android and Linux.
  • Code refactoring (that is the post-modification of a generated assembly).
  • IPC (inter-process communication)
  • HTML (this site was created with Microsoft Expression Web, without any CMS or existing model).

I have practiced C and C++ for a long time, but I no longer use them.