Manage your documents and applications with ease !
For Windows 10, 8, 7 & Vista.
Also works as a Start Menu replacement for Windows 10.

Limitations in the current version

In next versions, I want to add some features:

And there are many other improvements in my to-do list (dozens, in fact).  :)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Please read the "Limitations in the current version" chapter first, as it could answer your question.

Q: Where can I download the software ?

A: You can install it from this page.

Q: How can I close AllProgs completely ?

A: You have 3 ways to do that:

  1. On the upper left corner of the window, you have a circular icon .
    Right-click on it, a context menu will appear and let you close the application.
  2. Or, you can use the standard shortcut key: Alt+F4.
  3. Or, you can right-click on the AllProgs' task bar icon  and use its context menu ("Exit").

Q: Sometimes, when I hit a combination of keys, outside AllProgs, AllProgs' window appear. Why ? How can I avoid that ?

A: The AltGr key, if hit alone, displays the AllProgs' window. That mimics the ordinary Start menu (or Launcher under Windows 8) behaviour with the Windows key.
So If you fail your key combination and hit AltGr alone by mistake, that lets AllProgs appear.
I intend to add an option to disable this behaviour in a near future.

Q: How can I update AllProgs ?

A: The program automatically checks updates on the Internet every 7 days.
But you can manually update it: click on Show options & commands, then on Update the application.

Q: Why does AllProgs try to connect to the Internet ?

A: Every 7 days, it checks updates.
Or you try to display the manual, that is on the Internet.

Q: Setup fails .NET 4 installation under Windows XP. Why ?

A: I suggest to install .NET 3.5 first.

Q: Why are there some bugs under Windows XP ? Can you fix them ?

A: Unfortunately, it seems the .NET 4 platform under Windows XP has some bugs.
It is not something I can manage. I already wrote some workarounds, but there is no good solution. Anyway, Microsoft will never correct these bugs since Windows XP has been abandoned.

Q: Can I volunteer in translating AllProgs in my own language ?

A: You are welcome to do this.
Please wait I create a tool to facilitate this work. I have to restructure AllProgs first.
You can contact me first, then I will tell you when my tool is ready.

Q: What is the license of AllProgs ? Is it open source ?

A: AllProgs is free to use but it is not open source.
The license can be found in its installation directory, in this file: Licenses.rtf, or downloaded here.

Q: Can I distribute AllProgs ?

A: Yes, but under some conditions. Read the license for more informations.
If you want to redistribute AllProgs, you can download the installer here. Please note the other files can not be distributed.
The license can be found in the installation directory, in this file: Licenses.rtf, or downloaded here.

Q: Windows and my security software say the author of AllProgs is unknown and warn me that installing this software could be a risk. Why ?

A: There is no risk since there is nothing harmful in AllProgs (no spyware, no malware of any kind).
But since a few years, Microsoft builds its security on software "signature" using "software certificates".
The problem is I currently do not have any software certificate I could use to sign my freeware.
The simple reason is a certificate costs a lot of money, in fact hundreds of € (Euro).
And certificates are paid on a year basis !
That is way too much to pay for a freeware, since I do not expect to earn any money from this software.