Manage your documents and applications with ease !
For Windows 10, 8, 7 & Vista.
Also works as a Start Menu replacement for Windows 10.

AllProgs - Official installation & download page

Welcome to the new official installation page of AllProgs.
For more information, please visit the presentation of the software, or the introduction in my blog.


Download this file:

Verification code SHA-256:

Extract the files of the Zip file.
Then execute setup.exe

Alternative download sites

If for any reason you can not download the software from this page, you will find the installer on these external web sites:


If you are a website owner and you want to distribute this software, please do not link it directly.
Whether link to the present HTML page or host the Zip installer on your site. Please read the license text file it contains.
You can not modify any file, including  the Zip archive itself. And you can not pack the files into a new file, or repack it.

Descriptive PAD file

The PAD file is a descriptive text file that helps distribution websites.
The official PAD, that is regularly updated is here.